Friday, December 19, 2008

'Tis The Season

Yes, this is the season for parties with my various groups. Some have opted for no gift exchange, but two groups are wonderful for hand created packages of wonderfulness. Over the weekend I received this wonderful bun warmer. LuAnn gave me the pattern last year but she knows me too well and knew I would never get around to making it...and this with fabulous machine knit dishcloths, and jars of tasty goodness from her garden.

At the spinner's Christmas luncheon I received this wonderful angora which Kim raises herself along with some marvelous hand dyed wool to spin with it.

The sheep shawl I made was well received. Do you think I remembered to take a picture of Karen wearing it? No! Well she said she wouldn't be taking it off, so I'll snap one at the next meeting. :-)

Here it is blocking. It does look better on.

So the holidays are starting out okay. There hasn't been a lot of stress shopping. Perhaps next year everything will be homemade. Wouldn't that be the gift of one's time. Meanwhile, the lottery ticket to my husband is the gift of hope!

Monday, December 8, 2008


I had my doubts a couple of weeks ago, but it's done!

I finished whipping the edge and blocked it yesterday. Now to find the right size pizza box. I feel so competent and in charge. Too bad my house does not reflect that. :-)