Sunday, October 24, 2010


...or Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair. Click on the picture to make it larger. This is only the downstairs of the arena. There are two big barns with more vendors. It's still going on so if you live close, run on over!
Here's Margaret holding my Happy Hands Yarn. It's a much better showing of the colours.
Now to start the project!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A New Project!!

Margaret and I went to SAFF yesterday. (I changed the name to protect the innocent.) I went with no intention of buying anything. I have everything....well, it seems like it when I try to get through my closet - or my wool room. But it's like looking for anything. When you are not looking, you find it.

I found "Iced" by Carol Feller. It's a Knitty pattern from First Fall 2010. It didn't speak to me in the online magazine, but when I saw it made up in a hand dyed yarn in MY colours, I had to have it. I don't normally make up a sweater in the yarn I see it in but this was impossible to resist. It's Happy Hands Yarn who came all the way from Wisconsin. My coulorway is right on the front page - "Mother Earth" - along with a picture of the sweater I saw! The picture below is just a tad dark, I think.I then needed two buttons...large buttons. And they had to be just right. An ordinary button would not do. Now check back in my blog on September 5, 2008. There you see my bag pattern (phree) along with the perfect button by Gail Hughes. She was at the show!! This was her first time and look at the perfect buttons I found to go with the sweater! (I do not have enough exclamation points on the computer to express my excitement!:-))
And here is the artist herself...Gail Hughes. She is now located in Kentucky and doesn't have a website, but hopes to get one with a list of all the shops who carry her wares. I know she is carried by Loopville in Knoxville, The Yarn Patch in Crossville, and Haus of Yarns in Nashville.
If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times: The buttons will make or break your project. If you have a great pattern and use ho-hum buttons - "eh". But even a simple project with great buttons "pops"!