Monday, April 21, 2014

I'm giving up the ghost!

I can not see to use a standard machine so it is all going!!!

 Brother KR-850 Ribber and Manual

 Brother KH-930 Electonic Knitting Machine and manuals

 The main carriage

 The lace carriage

 Middle of the machine.

 Tools in their little compartment

 Weights and tools for the ribber and extra tools for a standard.

Cute little Passap adjustable standard stitch mover.

Brother Knit Leader KL-116 and ribber and machine cast on combs


                                   More Books!!

Here's a list of titles:

NorBon Knit Better
John Allen's Treasury of Machine Knitting Stitches
Common Sense Fitting for Machine Knitters
Sabro Garment Shaping Electronically
5 issues of KnitKing magazine
Brother Fashion
Signature Hats and Caps
Machine Knitting (includes DVD)
Brother punch card book (this is not a punch card machine)
Make Your Knitting Machine Sing!
Knitting From Head To Toe
Upside-Down Raglan Pullovers For Everyone
SWAN Sock (Sock Without A Name)
Programming Possibilities
Roundneck Raglan Cardigans
Western Knitting Machine Guide
Super Machine Knits
KH930 Cheat Sheet Manual
The Prolific Knitting Machine
Bulky Beauties*
Going Places With Bulkies*

*These are for a bulky machine.

Any suggestions?  Let me know!!