Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Badlands

The Badlands go on for quite awhile. You'll definitely want to click on the first pic. I stitched it together (which you will easily see) using Canon PhotoStitch. I'm sure there is a tutorial on blending sky which I will never read unless I stumble upon it.The entire place seems to distort what a person knows about spacial relationships and distance.
...and you can see forever!

This is almost the same shot but look what a slight difference in angle does. No wonder we saw so many photographers there.

Prairie dogs!

Part 2 next....

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The Badlands...part 2

I'm having trouble getting google to upload photos but I'm saving what I can. I found that since a new photo goes to the beginning of the post, it's easier to load the pictures in reverse...starting with the last photo...which is now at the end.You didn't have to warn me twice.
I figure the path was a way of keeping people off the ground.

We spotted more animals in this park that any other place we had been. The sounds of the birds early in the morning is not to be missed. I think the park might want to think about making a recording of the birds...if they haven't already.

Wotanka! Well, at least we thought so. We were all excited until we found a road that took us near them and discovered it was and a pasture full of black angus outside the park .

We saw a pair of badgers!
They saw us and ran for the hills.

So here is the end of the park. :-0Notice the spikes at the top of the sign to keep the birds from landing.
Just outside the park we took this picture. I saw the giant bull and thought of the advertisement all over Spain for sherry. It wasn't until I went to resize the picture that I saw what it was. It's Babe...Paul Bunyan's blue ox. At least I'm pretty sure it is. The giveaway was the large hammer on the ground. You can tell how big everything is by the horse in the picture. Click on the pic to make it bigger.
p.s. Because I have been writing about cattle, look what came on my webpage.
Who says they aren't watching!!!