Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Fiber Festival!

This is the Harvest Moon Handspun side of Harvest Moon Handspun/Clay Cat. Sue came all the way from North Carolina to be a vendor and promises to be back for the third annual (which are ending up being every eighteen months). :-)

The Clay Cat side.

Sue Dial runs Harvest Moon Handspun/Clay Cat,

Vickie Park and Parkridge Farms in a new vendor...and a member of our spinning group.

Jan has become a teacher of needle felting. Lucy and Jan are both in our spinning group.

Margaret Vogel is well known in the area for her weaving.

Heather representing The Yarn Patch. Heather's in our spinning group, too.

There were garments to be judged.

The Cumberland Yarn Shop

Temari Balls

Swedish Weaving

There were more pictures but I was getting upload errors. To top it off, I took a picture of everyone BUT our spinning group! There was a crowd in front so I was going to go back and shoot later. Sorry Karen, Cindy, and Belinda.

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