Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dale of Norway - Park City

IT IS DONE!!!! One year of knitting, five months of procrastination, and two months of finishing and it's finally done!I searched the net and every book I had to read up on steeking. I did the crocheted steek...and backed it up with machine stitching around the steek before I cut.
My stress level was pretty high at this point.
That wasn't so bad. I am SO glad I machine stitched because with the two colours of yarn, the crochet edge was wanting to pull away from the sweater leaving unraveling edges. Always machine stitch!!
I added my daughter's name and the year to the collar to, hopefully, prevent someone from accidentally acquiring it.
The finished placket. The pattern had a zipper and we liked the clasps much better.
I finished the inside with grosgrain ribbon.
The back. So I have been there and done that. I don't feel the need to do another. I really like sweaters that are done when you finish knitting and nothing to put together!! Amen!

The End!


Anonymous said...

My hero!!!! I think I shall hang up my needles ... since nothing I will ever do, could match your talent. Outstanding!!!!

Sweet Su

Anonymous said...

Great joy shall be in the eyes of the daughter recipient! If not I'm changing my name to Rachel.
You Rock !