Friday, September 5, 2008


I've been re-writing an old pattern up for one of my lists. It's a felted bag. I usually just wing it when I'm tweaking or creating something new. One just needs to remember to write everything down...even the tiny minutia. So I'm done and need a button. Not just any button. This thing has to "pop"! Startle the senses. One of a kind. So the hunt begins through my vast stash of buttons. Buttons can make or break a project. What you have created may be wonderful but if you put on a blah button, what's the point?

My search ended in Knoxville at Loopville. Jinka, the owner, has always been very helpful whenever I've gone there. I've picked up many great buttons there but really didn't think I would find what I needed. It would have to be larger than most buttons, you see. I thought I would end up dragging out the polymer clay and improvising. In one of the four baskets of buttons I looked through, out popped this!

This button is over 2" square and glittery and one of a kind. I must write and find out the creator's name and give her the proper credit she deserves. It certainly made the bag as you can see here. It's hard to tell but the colours match exactly! Once again there is peace in my home.

Update: I just discovered the button artisan....Gail Hughes and you can see a sampling of more of her buttons here.

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