Friday, May 29, 2009

Amarillo (and on the way)

Energy windmills in Oklahoma. Way to go, Oklahoma!

This is the only armadillo I've seen up close. The rest were dead along the roadside.

Bruce - my roadside attraction.
This is where we ate...home of the 72 oz steak dinner. If you can eat it in one hour (along with the sides and a roll and three shrimp), it's free!
Cooking area and stage.
He took the challenge!Update: He won with 1 minute and 32 seconds left!!!

Our hotel which is part of the restaurant.


Catherine said...

Looks like you're having fun. I love driving in West Texas, everyone else says it's boring, but the sky is absolutely amazing. I can watch the clouds and shadows forever. Thursday was a nice small group. The mustached one is missed. Oh, did the guy win the challenge?

tnmtneedlemaven said...

I like living the vicarious thrills of your vacation! Just make Bruce take some pictures of you too! He is very photogenic I must admit. Don't tell him it will swell his head. Not adventuresome enough to eat armadillo? I hope you try new epicurian delights while away.