Wednesday, May 13, 2009

And The Knitting Begins.....

I started spinning for the Seascape Shawl the first of the year. Four months later and I have started the actual shawl.

Little did I know I could actually spin TOO thin. I ended up replying my plied yarn with another ply. For you spinners, I plied again in "s". The colours came out a little more muted and darker but I think I like it better.

You can see how much thinner this two-ply is versus the three-ply above. It's just nice to know that when you screw up, you can fix way or another.


Catherine said...

I love your pale colours. Very nice. Did you dye it or buy it?

Sheepfreak51 said...

This is 70% merino/30% seacell (a silk-like fiber made from seaweed) that I picked up from SAFF.