Sunday, August 30, 2009

Toot! Toot!

Yes, that's me tooting my own horn. I know..."Pride goeth before the fall." It's done. I entered it in the county fair. I won some ribbons. Now I can take it to my daughter in Maine.

It's the Seascape Shawl. I fittingly used hand spun merino and seacell. Seacell is a man made fiber from seaweed. I also strung some cream coloured beads on one of the plies. Occasionally you find you would occasionally would find a pearl on the beach. Yeah, that happens a lot, eh?

The last time I entered a dubbelmossa in a competition (12 years ago), I won some ribbons and it also went to my daughter. At least she's getting the best of what I'm doing.

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