Friday, September 10, 2010

Mother-Daughter Bonding....

...or Spa Day!

We had a wonderful day!!! We started at Fabu down on Commercial Street. We both had a full body massage. It was my first! (I think there will be a lot of exclamation points in this post. ) It was wonderful. I had Molly. From my feet to the top of my head was oiled an massaged for 45 minutes while soothing music played in the background. The crink is out of my neck. :-)

Then they let us lie on the table a bit and the women who gave the facials came in cleaning, scrubbing, moisturizing with steaming towels in between. I'm sure they did more but I was finding I was dozing off time to time. Another 45 minutes for the facials. My skin is SO soft and smooth.

Then downstairs for our manicures. Another first for me. I chose the squoval shape. (Square ovaled) with a nice neutral colour that hopefully will last until the wedding...or not.

Don't think this day was without excercise. We walked up to the Green Elephant for lunch. It's a vegan restaurant and if I could eat here all the time or cook as well as they do, I could turn vegan. I had the Tikki Masala (since I cook it in Cafe World all the time) and Rachel had the Steamed Assorted Veggies/Peanut sauce and Vietnamese coffee. Yumm! We liked them both so we ended up splitting them.

After lunch we crossed the street to O2 Salon & Spa. Rachel had the works with a trial updo for the wedding. I had my hair blended the front to the back. I was feeling like a cocker spaniel with long fronts and short back but I had Mathew (cousin to Molly at Fabu) and he is a miracle worker. It would almost be worth a trip to Maine just to have him cut my hair.

Rachel was finished at 5:00 and home we went for a change of clothes and then to dinner at Bar Lola. The food was wonderful, eclectic, and filling. With their five courses for $39, they will certainly give 555 some competition.

It was a wonderful I will remember the rest of my life!

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