Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Wedding

I was without internet for several weeks so it's impossible to catch up totally. But here are pictures that I do have of the wedding. It was wonderful and went off with out a hitch.

Below is Lizzy (Tad's sister), Tad, and Lizzy's daughters, Cathrine (in the foreground) and Caroline.
Tad, Bruce, and the flower girls.
Joice, Manisha, and Susan.
Rachel...the bride!The complete wedding party: l-r - Elizabeth, Manisha, Susan, Joice, Catherine,Rachel, Tad, Caroline, Uncle Jimmy, Mark, Tim, and Forrest.
Tad and Rachel descending from the cottage.Two days of being high on a ladder sewing the material to the wires paid off!! This is the inside of the casino when it was finished for the reception.
The cutting of the cake.
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Hackett. Don't they look happy!!
Now I am back home and it's all a distant memory. I can't wait to see the photographer's photos!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful happy couple
(Peggy in Tn)