Saturday, August 14, 2010

Never Enough Yarn

I made it to Winchester, Virginia where I stopped at Sweet Sue's for a few days. Our first mission was to meet up with Maureen. The Three Amigos are together again!!Of course, we met in a yarn shop where Maureen started working. I should mention that Maureen is the Barefoot Spinner. If you have purchased fiber at an eastern fiber festival, i.e. Maryland Sheep and Wool, then you probably know the name. Below Maureen is displaying a knitted neck-piece (helped by Sue).
NEVER ENOUGH YARN is owned by Pam and this is the shop mascot. It is truly a wonderful yarn shop. It has a great webpage with a sale going on, too!!
Sue is modeling her Liesl and Pam the Curlicue Coverlet. Love the shawl!
Upstairs we went. Sue is browsing the sale patterns. This is the room where the sit 'n knit is held.
Across the hall is the baby yarn room. The entire store is displayed well.
This is a new yarn to the shop.
Can you see the bits of fur attached to the yarn as Pam holds it up?
Maureen is modeling a scarf made from just one skein of Fuzzy Purls.
And, of course, I check out the bathroom. What a wonderful surprise to see the montages of yarn and the shop.
So what did I buy? Some linen to make a Liesl (on sale!). You see how wonderful it looks on Sue who is tall and thin. We will see what it looks like on a short, squat person in a few months. :-)

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, newsy post! I can't wait to see what we did on day 2.

Hugs - Sweet Sue (who wishes you were still here!)