Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sidewalk Art Festival

Saturday we took in the Sidewalk Art Festival in downtown Portland. It was a good day...sunny and a high of 78.There were so many great artists that it was sensory overload. I picked up two matted photos from Hot Flashes Photography. (great name!) One is of the Portland Head Lighthouse which was the first lighthouse Rachel took us to after she moved here. The other was of the old house on Route 1 in Searsport. I took a picture of it myself last year. When I get home I will dig it out. Lib Jamison was wonderful to talk to.
I also found, with the help of Rachel's keen eye, Greg Stones artwork. Original, funny, and dark. I picked up Christmas presents for the kids and a painting for myself..."Sheep Sees Killer".

I also found Old Paper Arts fascinating.
Rich Byard does themed collages. Who was born in the 50s and remembers the Golden Book Encyclopedia? My little grey cells were certainly firing with all the memory triggers in this booth. I do believe that is why so many people visit antique shops...to bring back fond childhood memories.
I'm so glad Rachel wore a bright shirt. She was easy to find.
The festival extended down to Monument Square...
which is where we ate lunch at Henry VIII's.
I had a marvelous warm, rare roast beef sandwich slathered with horseradish sauce. Yum. I'm salivating as I type!! :-)
After lunch we found a jazz band....
and a street mime.

We have heard nothing but good reports about Otto's Pizza. One side is carry out and the other is sit in dining. Tad got to wait in line for a slice and came back with two. Sure it was 10 minutes since we ate lunch but we had to try them out. There was an entire board of unusual specials and it was hard to choose. One had caramelized onions, tomatoes, and basil. The other had mashed potatoes, basil, and something else. They were both delicious and the crust was to die for. It would be worth the drive to 576 Congress Street to pick them up!! I think another visit will be in order before I leave.
On the way back to the car we saw this tribute to Stephen King.
Another great day in Maine is over. Is there a bad day in Maine? We will see this Friday. We have been tracking Earl as it get stronger.

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Anonymous said...

Billy played golf with your husband today. He likes him, and your husband knows Billy's cousin from Hattiesburg/Southern Miss. It's a small world! You look like you're having fun in Maine. I'm jealous.