Saturday, October 3, 2009

Common Ground Country Fair

The Common Ground Country Fair is put on by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association. That's a mouthful, eh? It's all about sustainable living. Bruce wanted info on solar energy and I knew some wool vendors would be there, but I didn't expect all I found!

The first fiber booth I went into was French Hill Farm where I found these unusual and marvelous spindles by Tom Forrester. I know this is not such a good shot but I had to have some evidence of how neat they are.
Then there was yarn.
The Tyler Farm booth.
Rachel picked out this skein of yarn for a winter scarf from the Oasis Farm Fiber Mill.
They have wonderful balls of fiber to spin...
as well as the spun yarn. I'm saving their address. I might need some more later. :-)
I thought this farm had a very clever name.
Then there was more yarn.
I found the Enchanted Knoll Farm.

These are her 2 oz. batts. Marvelous blends.
Rachel picked out this luscious colour made from wool, silk, recycled sari silk, bamboo, and sparkles. It reminded her of verdigris copper. I'm definitely saving this link, too!
This is the Farm Witch herself. Super nice woman!! It turned out that we both recognized each other's name from the Ravelry.
This entire tent is made from felted wool. You can see that it is still in progress.
Rachel checking out the scarves at Midsummer Nights Meadow Farm.
It was time for lunch and we found someone with a Roast Beef Sundae! We had to have one.
Real girls need meat! We couldn't decide so we got one of each a split - a steak burger/fries (homemade) and the roast beef sundae.
We had never tasted such GOOD meat! Delicious...and organic, too!
While we were eating lunch, a lobster rickshaw went by. Only in Maine!
The rest of the day will have to wait until tomorrow....

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Now you are having too much fun! Fiber fiber looks like Heaven.