Saturday, October 24, 2009


It's the first day of the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair and we are headed for Asheville, NC! We met at 5:30 and got to ride in Martha's Infinity. It's actually her husband's, but by association...hers for the trip. Marvelous car with all sorts of bells and whistles.Three hours later (four because we crossed a time zone), we are dropping off fleeces at Zeilinger's.
I've sent wool to Zeilinger's since I started spinning in Virginia ten years ago. They were located at the end of the vendor barn.
While the girls were busy, I got a sneak peak down the barn. This is side one.
This is side two. Every year there are more and more vendors.
Inside the arena. There are about four times the number of vendors from the first show I went to in 2002.
Martha, Peggy, and Catherine shopping at Delly's Delight Farm.
What a great cape!
Catherine is the only one tall enough to pull it off.
It's time for lunch!
Michelle met a dragon fly at The Sanguine Gryphon. They quickly became best buds.
At Politically Incorrect - Michelle had a fiber moment.
I appeased her by buying one (1) 4.1 ounce batt of scrumptious merino with a touch of glitz. Then she threw herself on the addi clicks but I held firm. We do not need another set of needles!
But we did find this bag we both liked and have to make. I bought black handles to make it with and the pattern is on the way. Now we must decide on the colours we want. They must match Michelle and not show dirt as we travel.
This was my last stop of the show. After a "short" drive to Knoxville, a good dinner at the Bonefish Grill, shopping at Earthfare for some good butter and Greek yogurt....we were on our way home. I day trip is so much better on the budget, especially when you already have everything you really need.

Tomorrow - an in depth discussion of purchases. :-)

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