Thursday, October 1, 2009

Just Driving Around

We started out one morning and I saw all these wild turkeys on the golf course. The locals call them gulls. :-)This is where I lunched on bread pudding and ice cream...a well balanced diet. A boiled lobster dinner for $9.99.?...such a deal!

Lot's of neat stuff here. Bruce found a pickle crock. I'd take a picture of it but he has it packed away already.
The new Penobscot Narrows Bridge near Bucksport. You can go to the top of the tower and see forever. Since I have a fear of heights, that did not happen.
We found the Hope Spinnery in Hope, Maine. Unfortunately they were on their way to the Common Ground Country Fair.
They use wind power to run the fiber processing. Their prices seem pretty good. I might have to try them out on a fleece I thought I was going to do myself. That's not my favorite way to spend time.
We stopped in Mainely Pottery because we could. Come to think of it, I think Maine has more pottery places per capita than any place else I have been.
We found this fantastic house along Route 1. It must have been a beauty in it's day and it overlooks the ocean.
If I was 25 years younger and had unlimited funds, this would be mine.


tnmtneedlemaven said...

too funny, "The Baits Motel", what a play on words!
You'd never get me to over that bridge either!

tnmtneedlemaven said...

Now that I'm looking at it that house reminds me of the real Bates Hotel...I hear a rocking chair.
coming momma