Wednesday, October 7, 2009


We are back in the car...headed for Rangeley.We stop at a pond where I find something interesting to shoot. I wonder if it's edible.
This is a pond. Yes, a pond. There is something in Maine about it having to be at least 85 feet deep to be a lake. This "pond" is only 65 feet deep.

We get to Rangeley and it's time for lunch! I had the best blue-cheeseburger and french fries with gravy! Everything was good.
Not only is there a lot of hunting and fishing going on, but Rangeley is a big ski resort town. The ski season is bigger than their other seasons.

There's the border patrol. They found us. It's time to head back.
Click on this picture to make it bigger. It's Rangeley Lake. It sort of reminds me of Crater Lake. There are actually houses on that island.

So Tad spent a total of nine hours in a car with us. He's definitely a keeper.

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