Friday, June 5, 2009

Eastern Oregon to Bend

I made it to the welcome center.
Eastern Oregon is dry and almost desert. Irrigation is the only means of growing anything.
Ponderosa Pines
At the John Day Fossil Center...

There's copper in them thar hills.
A neat totem in front of a house.
We stopped in Fossil, Oregon to dig for fossils. You can go behind the high school where, for a small donation, you can dig and learn about the fossils.
Neat outcrops.

Finally...snow covered mountains.

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tnmtnedlemaven said...

Who knew Oregon was so beautiful. I would have thought just looking at your out crop rock pictures that I was looking at some desert pictures of the southwest. I am learning so much! This looks like a place I really would like to visit. I hope the coast is as wonderful when u get there.. I guess that will be Washington State.