Monday, June 15, 2009


Sitka was the most normal town with very little commercialism from the cruise ships (so it seemed to me). This is a town I can most see living in. Below is St. Micheal's.Bruce being attacked by a bear.
Then it attacked me. The streets are not safe! Colbert is right. Bears are the most dangerous animal known to man!!

This snail seems pretty safe.

View of town from the hill.
A two inch pine tree.
The same tree.
Our ship in the harbour.
Sitka is a 'tender' port so small boats ferry us to town from the ship.

Monkey towel was waiting for us tonight. I'm so glad he wasn't an attacking monkey. I don't think my heart could take much more today. :-)

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tnmtneedlemaven said...

Alaska looks wonderful.It appears like you did a lot of hiking around town! I'm enjoying your trip as much as you guys!