Thursday, June 18, 2009

Glacier Bay - Whittier - Glacier Bay...on a better day.

The first time through Glacier Bay was a foggy and misty day. You couldn't see much detail.The next day was the last day of the first cruise and we stopped and let off 99% of the passengers. This was a restaurant in Whittier that was getting a facelift.
Our cruise ship, the Carnival Spirit, docked.
The second restaurant we found in Whittier.
The next day was clear and back to Glacier Bay. See how clear everything was.

Can you see the "clean" ice at the bottom of the glacier at the water line? That's the little iceburg that came off in the water in front.
A closer shot.
Now you know where I took my pictures. It was cold outside. I'm not idiot!! :-)
I think this was an Eskimo towel.

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