Monday, June 22, 2009

Ketchikan - the second time around.

The night before landing in Ketchikan, we saw seals basking in the sun on a rock. They hang out here all the time and knowledgeable people call this a "rookery". Click on the photo to make it bigger. Trust me, they are on the rock...lots of them.We came back from dinner to find a scorpian towel. Couldn't leave this out!
When we first landed in Ketchikan, Bruce was being stalked by another bear! I think he was attracting them with his t-shirt.
We took a tour of the island. We saw lots of eagles.

Then we went to the Saxman Village and saw how totem poles are made.

This is how they are made today...inside.
Seward's totem. Notice how bare it is because he was considered by the natives as stingy.
The native long house.
A totem under repair.

A partial totem in the shop.
A short totem. Perhaps there is one in my future.
After seeing all the totems (and purchasing a book on how to make one), we headed back into Ketchikan to the historic Creek Street.
How nice it would be to have your house right in the river!
Dolly's is a brothel. We had tickets for inside and I may go into more detail on that later.
Ketchikan IS a fishing village after all.
This is a local bug. The leaves were the size of my hand so this was a pretty big bug.

We came back to find a flying swan. I actually thought it looked like a flying ant eater....the kind for flying ants.

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