Monday, June 29, 2009

On to Mt. Rushmore!

Now, just what do you suppose these are?We went to a rest stop off the interstate and drove under a bridge. Are these giant mud-dobbers? The first indication that something was different was the swarm of flying things. I thought they might be bats. Upon closer inspection we discovered they were swallows...hundreds of them and they had built thier nests here. My windshield can attest to the fact that there was plenty of food for them to eat around here.
A little further on we found this old town that had been restored.
Eastern Wyoming and western South Dakato were showing evidence of past forest fires.

The Black Hills...where Black Hills Gold comes from!

We must be getting close to the monuments.
There's a strange looking rock. Could it be?
Yes, it's Crazy Horse.
There is still a ways to go but you can definitely see progress.

Our first glimpse of Mt. Rushmore.

You can see the men working at the top.

This is what the presidents see.
Then we stopped for lunch at Peggy's Place! Yes, we were thinking of you, Peggy. :-)

Grasslands Park Office.

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