Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Agricola Farms Country Store

We wanted to stop at a roadside stand. I thought bringing a pumpkin back from Maine was a brilliant idea! Sensible, no, but still I would have a Maine pumpkin. Here are pumpkins!
There's Rachel checking them out.We went inside...

...and what a surprise. Not just veggies. The first thing to catch my eye was a small room to the right with a small loom set up...and wool...and needle felting. Too cool! There were all sorts of goodies: souvenirs, lamb meat, and goat cheese. I got the chive. Delicious!

There along the long wall on the right...YARN! All colours! Did I tell you Maine was cool, or what?! There were also scarves with designs wet felted on. There is a Japanese name for this but it escapes me. Agricola sells all the things the neighboring farms and artists produce. It's a wonderful store that I could spend all day in. We were so excited with our finds and purchases that I forgot the pumpkin!

Tomorrow is another day.


tnmtneedlemaven said...

Looks like you are having a wonderful fibery time! I'm envious of all you great finds. Thinks look so fall like in Maine. Enjoy.

Duke of Farmingtonshire said...

Wow, I fell upon this today. I worked at Agricola Farms for over two summers planting/taking care of the plants, animals, and shop. I am so glad you had a good time there. It is really a great place. My favorite day on the farm was actually the day we sheered the sheep. What an awesome experience. I'm now at college, but I knit a scarf this summer using the wool from the farm. I can still smell the farm and sheep in it. Every day I wear it and think of that great place! Thank you so much for sharing and appreciating!

wooltales said...

I'm glad you liked the post. Yes, I found some of the neatest places in our travels. It must have been a great experience working there and everything you learned will carry you a lifetime.