Monday, September 28, 2009

Morse's Saurkraut

For literally years, Rachel has driven by a sign on Route 1 for "Morse's Sauerkraut - 7 miles." Who drives seven miles out of their way for sauerkraut? We were driving up Route 17 and saw a sign for Morse's only 2 miles away. That's close enough to check out and, boy, are we glad we did!Not only is it a deli with meats and cheeses of all kinds...ah, the Raclette!...but all the spices and seasonings you would think of associated with the Dutch West Indies trade market. Three times a week they make a run to New York for fresh bread. I have never tasted such pumpernickel...and the babka!! OMG!

Then there is the Kraut House restaurant that's open for lunch 'til 4:00 pm (except Wednesday) and breakfast, too, Thursday - Sunday.
Do I sound like an advertisement? Here we are arriving for breakfast with Tad for our FOURTH trip in a week...our third for the restaurant!
If you are looking for a hard to find spice, give them a call. Rachel found all sorts of sauces she needed for Indonesian dishes. They do mail order, too! Rachel and I rate this a four thumbs up...yes, we used all our thumbs.

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